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Whew! Gmail and Yahoo Email Suck!

Well, I just spent the better part of 9.5 hours re-writing and adding code to some of my businesses so that I can try to combat the effects of “spam trap poisoning” (i.e. sabotage) and over zealous spam filters that are really hurting my online businesses.

I have procrastinated for years on researching the effect of emails bouncing or going to the ‘Bulk Mail’ folder at the free email providers. I simply did not want to know. I knew it would be depressing. Well, I’ve finally taken the plunge and -as I feared- my emails have been going to ‘Bulk Mail’ in Gmail and Yahoo for years! MSN/Hotmail seems to be more reasonable in their filtering and delivers my email as expected. However, considering that I’ve never once spammed anyone, I think all of my email should get through to all of the providers.

It’s just not that simple, though. So, I’ve kicked off the process of getting whitelisted as best as I can and we’ll hope that I can recoup some of my lost revenue moving forward. So far, my estimates show that I’ve lost tens of thousands of dollars as a result of these email issues. Hmm… I was wondering why I’m so broke!! haha

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