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How to take over the United States of America

So the privately-owned FED that prints all of our dollars keeps on making ridiculous decisions that our (knowingly corrupt or idiotic) government continues to accept, pushing us further into this “debt bubble,” which is also creating a “dollar bubble.”

Is no one else concerned?

I do not see much being said about this problem in the media. What is happening is no different than what the IMF does to in-debt nations past the point of no return and then trade that debt for ownership of national assets!

So, where is this heading? Will we have a total economic collapse? Probably not.

Rising food costs and lower employment rates may cause rioting, but hey, that’s fun, right?

This is just the Illuminati (i.e. Morgans, Rothschilds, Rockerfellers) taking over everything in a subtle manner. By 2020, anything of any national value (i.e. utilities, mines, land, promissory notes, military assets, etc) will have to be traded to pay off national debt. Since the masses do nothing, there is nothing to stop them. Meanwhile, it is becoming tougher to make a living on the common citizens, especially as we watch the value of our money decline steadily.

Now, everything in the media is telling people to save or, even worse, to buy gold. Yeah, so let’s save our money and watch it go down in value and pay banks ridiculous fees to store it for us OR let’s buy gold and hold on to it as it runs up in value (so those in power can profit) but then eventually collapses, leaving a LOT of people holding the (empty) bag. Sad times. Sad times.

I had another dream last night. Woke up feeling that I need to buy a decked out, luxury-converted military bunker with silo and land ($1.76 mil) and lot more guns than I already have. 😉

Need to start my own self-sufficient community, because I’m tired of watching what is happening to this, once great, nation. Greed is good, unless you are middle-class or lower.

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