Leah and IUpdate (10/04/2009): Things seem to be looking up again… way up. My ventures are all simultaneously taking off, and in the current state of global economy; that is really saying something. It is unfortunate that all three of my ventures are doing well at the same time, because the stress level is unbearable, but the pay-off will be well worth it. I always tire of having to ‘fight’ so hard and so much, but in the end, perhaps that is what drives me. I have been very successful before and this time around, I’ve had to work harder than ever. It feels like it is close to paying off. I have a lot for which to be thankful.

Part of my story: Flat broke. No joke. I had it all once but that seems like a distant memory now. How did I get here? Well, let’s see… It had to do with two crooked cops and the twisted nature of our wonderful United States government.

A word of caution: Be prepared for the fall-out should you decide to sue the government for wrong-doing in certain counties and states!

I am not alone but it sure feels like it sometimes. There are many who have unfairly lost their family wealth or their own self-made wealth due to wars, scandals, fraud, and corruption. I am one of those people. As “V” would say, I am “cast vicariously as both victim and villian by the vicissitudes of Fate.” I have been labeled as a criminal by those who have wronged me, and I am constantly reminded of it when I try to get a job, get an apartment, or even apply for a loan.

Most innocent victims in my situation have two choices:

1. Turn to a life of crime

2. Go hungry in the streets

Not much of a choice, I’d say.

Fortunately, I am very talented in a few ways that have made me wealthy in the past and I have a willpower of steel to make things happen or “bend my fate to my will” -as my buddy, Frank, likes to say. Haha.

I’ve never been one to ask for help from anyone, but I’ve come to the crossroads in my life where I need a little help. I’ve managed to keep my sense of humor throughout my ordeals, so I’ll keep on keepin’ on through whatever life throws at me. But, it would be nice to have a few people stand up and fight by my side or at least help out financially as I work towards getting back on my feet.

“Only the dead fish flow WITH the stream…” — it’s so true. I rose up from low-income to high society before the age of 23 and I achieved a great deal of success despite years of continued harassment. After years of trying to “put me away” for selling drugs and running guns (sure! how else could a young guy possibly make LOTS of money?!? Here’s How), a couple of crooked cops and a ruthless D.A. turned my life upside down.

But, what they don’t realize is that I refuse to become a “Product of the System.” I refuse to turn to a life of crime -even though I’ve been labeled a criminal already. I have proof that they lied. I have proof that they coerced me. I have proof of my innocence and they have ZERO proof of their twisted claims; and yet the system is somehow designed to let them torture me to the point of taking everything from me.

The District Attorney lied to everyone about me. I watched as my PAID lawyers (tens of thousands of dollars total) lied to others and to me. I was being railroaded into a guilty plea without even the slightest bit of caring as to the legitimacy of the corrupt officers’ false accusations. After the D.A. blatantly broke a law in his favor and my lawyers lied to me repeatedly in an attempt to push me into a guilty plea, I left the country and everything I had acquired. I left it all. It was no small decision, and I lost more than $800,000 in savings, equity in my home and cars, investments, my successful company, any my impeccable 810 credit score. 😉

If only I had known for certain that it was all a bluff (a very good bluff that gets this county a 99+% conviction rate!), things might have turned out differently. Although, I do not regret my decision, because I have learned so much and I have shed any fear of letting go (esp. of material things).

It was a big decision, but it was one I had to make. I could not let the government railroad me into a life of crime without a fight. Could two crooked cops really ruin me out of spite and jealousy? Could these two morons with a badge and a gun really take away all that I had earned with my blood, sweat, and tears? You bet they could, and they did.

Don’t get the wrong impression. I don’t dislike cops. They serve a very important role in society. We need police. I just have a problem when some low-life’s get a badge and misuse and abuse the system to harass others for their own personal amusement.

Since I had simply left the country and ignored court orders, upon my return years later, they were allowed to ignore filings of “Right to a speedy trial” and were allowed to keep me behind bars -without proof and without considering my proof- for up to two (2) years without trial. I was utterly alone. I couldn’t wait that long. After seven (7) months, my businesses failed, my fiance’ of four (4) years was brainwashed by the lies, and my paid lawyers lied to me constantly. The jail phones were designed so that you could not call lawyers and it was prohibitively expensive to call family and loved ones.

Those few who took a chance and stood up for me were quickly shot down and threatened to the point of complete silence or losing everything themselves. I had no choice but to give the D.A. what he wanted. So, I lied. I stood up in front of the judge and I told the biggest lie I’ve ever told. I said I was guilty. The D.A. smirked at me that day. For him, he had won. But, it was only the battle; not the war. I will appeal, but I have to get some money and I have to get away from this county because a harassment lawsuit I filed against this county is what started all of my troubles in the first place!

It was a horrible place and a horrible time where I spent that year, in 2005, and I will never forget. I won’t go into the monstrosities of what went on within those walls, but you cannot imagine. Would you believe that I watched more than 350 people (mostly guilty) come and go while I sat without word? Would you believe that more than a dozen people there danced with joy when they finally got sent to prison? Would you believe that I spent everyday knowing that I was innocent and was locked up with God-knows-who?

Well, enough of that. It’s all in the past now…

My goal, now, is to get to a point where I can spend most days on the beautiful beach of my dreams (i.e. the theme of this blog) and I will not let them stop me! Join me on my journey and help me fight this corrupt system! If you can spare a few dollars, anything will help me out and keep me from becoming a “Product of the System” (i.e. turning to a life of crime, like they want!).

Let’s make a statement and try to do something about this f’ed up system. If I get enough donations, I plan to spread the word and help others in my situation.

I know that everybody in jail says (and said to me) that they are innocent. So, to some degree, it is understandable why many have grown cold and skeptical. But, Benjamin Franklin once said “that it is better [one hundred] guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer.” Believe it or not, there are innocent people locked up or are struggling day to day with no way to gain proper employment or even apply for a decent place to live. I know, because I am one of them.



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