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Catching Up After My Hiatus

A lot has transpired since I last updated my blog. Obviously I decided that writing in my blog needed to take a backseat to my current ventures. I made the choice after my ventures began demanding more of my time and I realized that my goal for blogging was not to make money; something which […]

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Bankruptcy: The Final Frontier

Bankruptcy may well be the “final frontier” for most people, but it is quickly becoming a reality for many more than would like for it to be. However, bankruptcy doesn’t have to be “final” at all. Unfortunately, I am having to file bankruptcy, even though I am an exception to the irresponsible credit rule. Typically, […]

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DriveTime Headache

Yesterday, I made a payment on my car -in full- just to avoid any hassle this month with my car. I am still 31 days overdue on my partial payment from December, and I am quite perturbed at that DriveTime fiasco because I was given conflicting information in the first place. Anyway, I just haven’t […]

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Bankruptcy As An Option

If done carefully and planned well, bankruptcy isn’t the end-all-be-all that people make it out to be. In fact, coming out of a bankruptcy can be a huge boost to getting back on top. I’ve been planning this out for more than a year. I am still not 100% decided on whether or not I […]