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Bad Grammer – Too Funny

Ok, It’s been a veeeeery long while since my last post and that’s mostly due to working non-stop (almost literally) and pulling all-nighter after all-nighter for months. Even though one of my clients (recently my primary source of funding until now) is going out of business and the economy is crumbling around us, my business “Shrink The Web” is booming and growing like wild-fire. But, that’s a story for another day.

Today, I’m going to break precedent by actually embedding a “viral video” that is just too good NOT to share. I tell you that viral marketing is very effective if done correctly but so often it turns out to be crap. Here is one example of HOW to really make a viral video!! STILL… laughing my @ss off!! (lmao to those ubergeeks)

If you have a high-speed connection, it’s worth it to go watch the high quality version (go here then click ‘Watch in High Quality’).



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Bankruptcy: The Final Frontier

Bankruptcy may well be the “final frontier” for most people, but it is quickly becoming a reality for many more than would like for it to be. However, bankruptcy doesn’t have to be “final” at all.

Unfortunately, I am having to file bankruptcy, even though I am an exception to the irresponsible credit rule. Typically, most people find themselves in a bind due to having charged beyond their means, lost their jobs, couldn’t keep up with their mortgage, or had mounting medical bills not covered by insurance.

While I do have thousands in mounting medical bills (thanks to Progressive not paying my uninsured motorist claim), I am mostly filing bankruptcy to simply get bill collector’s (now filing lawsuits) off my back. I need to be free of their harassments and liens in order to make progress towards making my second million. I am very close but I am scraping bottom at the moment. In fact, these past couple of years have been so filled with trials and tribulations that I feel now like I will be able to breathe again soon.

However, I’m not out of the woods yet.

I won’t go into detail in this post (because we don’t have the hours to go into just yet), but I’m mostly filing bankruptcy because of corrupt police officers. From that ordeal, I ended up having to use my SBA loan to survive and depleted my savings while I lived in another country and then sat in jail for seven months for crimes I did not commit. If that sounds familiar to any of you, that might be because of the new movie called “Felon” that came out recently. Oddly enough, that is a very close version of what I went through (somewhat less violent, though). What surprised me most is that the San Quentin prison looks identical to the “adult detention center” where I was kept. I think that seems a little harsh, when it’s supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, don’t you?

Anyway, I digress.

Another big factor in my decision to file bankruptcy was that DriveTime violated my rights by giving out personal and financial information about me to a 3rd party. This is known as an FDCPA violation and they knew that they were so guilty that they changed their “policies” and offered me money to drop my suit. I refused and made a counter-offer, which they refused. Later, they sent me another offer, this time by certified mail. I sent one final counter-offer, which I thought was a big compromise. Instead of calling or writing back, their response was that they simply charged off my car and reported on my credit that I did not pay and refused to return the vehicle.

Ah well. I suppose that is how these places choose to deal with things. As for me, it is just one more reason to roll that auto loan in with my bankruptcy and they’ll get nothing. Plus, I have not absolved them of any liability regarding my case for the FDCPA violation, so they will still have to contend with me on that eventually. Bankruptcy was always my “ace in the hole” in this fiasco, but I thought we could come to an arrangement that would be amicable and mutually beneficial. Apparently, I was wrong.

In any case, that is a glimpse into my world and my reasons for filing.

I have taken many months and put in quite a bit of effort to prepare for the bankruptcy and to make a quick recovery from it. This included having several good items on my credit closed out, so that they will not get wiped off during the bankruptcy AND discussing with my bank to keep (or re-affirm) their credit card throughout the bankruptcy. By re-affirming the credit card through the bankruptcy, I planned to have a higher line of credit and a great recent history spanning a few years.

However, despite my precautions and talks with the bank, they did end up closing the account anyway. That is really lame, since I had been planning this for over a year and did everything in my power to ensure that this would be a major point of positivity in my rebound. Now, though, I am cut off at the knees in respect to that. It turns out that this was done out of adherence to some lending regulation.

Naturally, I also have contingency plans, because I knew the potential that they would close out the card anyway. Now, I will have to solely rely on secured cards with low limits and secured loans to boost my score back up. The only problem is that the card that got canceled was primarily used for business and not personal, so now I have to spend yet more time, that I do not have, to swap out payments on the credit card to my business debit card.

Once the bankruptcy is discharged, I am told that I can open another secured card to use for the business. This will be a huge factor in helping me rebuild my credit quickly and easing the burden on how to pay my bills each month.

All in all, this bankruptcy will allow me to focus on what is important and will bring me that much closer to getting back on top. I’ve been unfairly having to struggle over the past several years, but I’ve been pushing through like always. Now, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just have to keep pushing onwards until I get there.

I have an opportunity (85%) likely, as of today, where I will go live overseas and provide consulting services to an Indian company and a French company. Those will be my first two clients and I will be based out of Paris and London. Those companies are also interested in investing in my company, so that could mean I will be back on top by the end of next year or hopefully by 2010 at the latest.

With secured cards and secured loans, my credit should also be back in tip-top shape by the end of next year. So, I just have to hang on for a little while longer.

The moral of the story is that bankruptcy is definitely not the end.

Though, it can be the beginning.

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Cornerstone Of My Constitution

Throughout the years, I’ve lost my trust in truth.
Now I hold back tears, And I long for my youth.

The weight of those against me, wears thin my resolve.
Still I have no choice, But to fight and stand tall.

The hole I am in, Forever deepens and widens.
It feels like my punishment, For unknown sins.

I am only innocent, For that which I am falsely accused.
My Scarlett letter worn proudly, For which I am abused.

Those who have wronged me, Seem to be above the law.
But there is a higher power, Which judges us all.

I help dig this pit deeper, because I have no fear.
And I know that one day, Crooked cops will lie here.

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Tony’s Bachelor Party

I think that, for awhile at least, infrequent posts will be the norm here in my personal blog.

Life has just gotten to cluttered and tough and I’m just going crazy trying to keep up. However, sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do. My friend, Tony, is getting married next month and I had to take some time this past weekend to get out and have some fun.

Boy, was that ever a fantastic night! We all met up at our friend, Larry’s house for some steaks and drinks. We sat around at chit-chat’ted for a few hours and got caught up on things, since it had been awhile since I had opportunity to hang out with any of my friends.

Then, the limo arrived. It was a 14-footer Excursion and was very nice…

We headed down to the Highlands and hopped from bar to bar playing 9-holes with a crazy combination of drinks that we had to down as quickly as possible. The order was definitely not good, as it went beer-beer-dark beer-liquor-beer-dark beer-liquor- …umm, I can’t remember the rest. lol. We eventually made it down to Atkins Park and chilled there for awhile. The food was good and we all had great conversation.

Mental Note: I hate Gin & Tonic 😉

Then, we headed down to Atkins Park in Smyrna. There, we finished off the night with the last 5 drinks or so. Only a few of us made it to the end of the night with the ability to keep up with the drinks, but it was Ray who ended up winning. Jude and Tony were right behind by only a few seconds! It was close between several people and two strong candidates (Cochran and Dave) had to back out in order to be responsible enough to make it to work the next morning. 😉

To night-cap, we all headed back to Larry’s house and ended up talking for several hours. In the end, some people stayed, but my buddy, Frank, and I ended up driving home, since it was already 7am. We hit the waffle house and then drove 5 minutes to the house.

All in all, it was an absolutely great time! I really needed that break… to be sure. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much and so hard!

Tony seemed to have enjoyed himself and that’s all that matters. Thanks to Tony, Jude, Larry, Dave, Dave, Lee, Frank and all the others who made it a memorable night for me too!! 🙂

Whaaa…? Did somebody say something about Ray’s bachelor party?? hehe


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Another Chapter: Don’t Piss Off The Fairies

Ok, so this time my extended delay between posts wasn’t just because of work…

This time, nature played a part and nearly killed me. So, here goes, yet another chapter in my life.

On Tuesday, I went to a client site all day and then I had to decide on my way home whether or not to go out for some dinner or just heat up the really delicious chicken left-overs that Leah had prepared the night before. Rather quickly, I decided that I wanted Leah’s chicken left-overs. 😉

So, I went straight home. It was sunny but looked like it was about to rain. I had lost a thumbdrive the day before and spent a few minutes looking throughout the car for it. I had to give up, though, because the rain came in kind of quickly. So, I went inside, pet the dog briefly, and then went to the office to take off my dress shoes.

The next thing I knew, the rain really started pouring and branches started hitting the house. I never think much about it, but this time I had a bad feeling. So, I actually went ahead and went into the bedroom to put on my tennis shoes -even though I hadn’t had time to change out of my dress socks. I just felt like I should be prepared for some reason.

Then, to my surprise, the debris hitting the house really started to sound heavier and heavier and I didn’t know at the time that it was a combination of large golf ball-to-baseball sized hail and branches from the trees. So, to get an idea what was going on, I looked out the back window but it was pouring down and the wind was blowing so hard that I couldn’t make out anything. So, I went to the master bathroom window (rear-facing) and still couldn’t make out anything at first. But then, all of a sudden, the rain stopped and I could see.

That’s when I saw the most terrifying thing ever. In an instant, I “thought” I saw trees breaking and coming towards the house, but that was a little too unrealistic, I thought. However, I heard wood breaking and cracking and felt the entire house shake violently. Then, I felt a major draft and without really thinking clearly, I thought that I should go see what happened -in case a door flew open by accident.

First, I went across the hallway and looked out the front-facing window and I saw a continuous “gust” of wind that was blowing rain and small trees horizontally over the top of the house at what appeared to be high velocity.

When I got to the opening to the living room, I saw that the back door had flown open and was flapping in the wind like paper and branches, dirt, and rain were all flying in horizontally. It was very surreal. At that point, I still only thought, “man, this is some heavy wind and rain” and didn’t realize that I was in the middle of a tornado and that when the rain stopped earlier, it really was trees breaking apart and the “eye” of the tornado coming down that I had witnessed. There were no sirens and no warning.

So, again, without thinking, I wondered where was my dog, Heidi. But, before I could see her (on the other side of my sofa in the living room), a tree flew in the back door and then a massive 16-inch wide, 30-40 foot tall tree came ripping through the living room -right at the back door- and another one fell on the kitchen too! I had chills about my dog at that point. I couldn’t really function or think about anything else. I didn’t even think about getting to safety because I had not yet gotten my pet –a classic mistake, I know.

I would not have been able to get to the other side of the sofa to get Heidi and I was also frozen in place as a result of the shock and disbelief that a tree crashed through the house and another one completely destroyed the back porch in one sharp blow. However, I am fortunate (and so was Heidi) that she poked her cute, little head around the corner of the sofa trying to look for me. Thank goodness, because seeing her “unfroze” me and I took off running towards her. I picked her up and started running back to the opening of the hallway -which is right next to the basement hallway door.

But, right as a I got us there, another -even larger- tree crash landed on the house right there at that opening to the hallway! It came crashing down on our heads but -fortunately- the support beam there held up and saved us both. The crashing force did cause part of the roof to fall on me and the shaking caused me to stumble and drop Heidi, but I picked her up quickly. That tree caused the roof support and roof in the main part of the living room to collapse right on top of where Heidi would have been sleeping.

The tree had crashed right over the basement door and crushed it enough that I couldn’t quickly get it open. So, in my panic, I simply ran into my office. Only a few seconds later, another tree came crashing down on the roof in the office, but thankfully, it did not make it all the way through. So, I just picked Heidi up and held her in a corner …waiting for our death.

I quickly grabbed a post-it note and scribbled the words “I love you, baby” and stuck it on Leah’s desk, just in case. Then, as I could hear more trees hitting the house and heard breaking wood and felt the house shaking, I added the words “bye” to it. I really thought I was a goner at that point. It all seemed surreal but I had accepted –after having seen the power of this wind and those falling trees– that I would not be able to save us in the event that a tree came down on our heads or the wind ripped us out of the house.

After a few more minutes of that and a few more crashes, it was over just like that. All in all, the tornado came through the backyard and hit the house for a total of probably no more than 1-2 minutes but it sure felt like an eternity. Now that it’s over, I am told it was only a level 1 tornado. My God.

Once it was over, I went into disaster recovery mode. I immediately went in to the kitchen -stepping over a LOT of debris and roofing. I knew Heidi’s nerves would be shot, so I wanted to get her a rib bone to gnaw on. That’s when I saw the devastation in the kitchen and the living room. It was massive. However, I was able to get a rib for her and took it back to the office. She was in shock and just took the rib but then set it on the floor. She didn’t even want it. I guess I can’t blame her.

So, that is when I decided to immediately assess and catalogue the damage. I felt this was especially important since so many wild and crazy (i.e. unbelievable) things have happened to me in my lifetime so far. So, this time, I wanted so much undeniable proof that no one would question me. So, I grabbed my camera and began taking pictures and video.

I spent the next several hours (in shock) but working like a mad man to gather up my computer equipment (which surprisingly were the only possessions NOT destroyed by the trees, rain, busted pipes, etc). Also, to my amazement, my data center (where my special purpose servers were located) was hit by trees and the roof collapsed but my most important servers, networking equipment, and air conditioning equipment (critical) all made it without even a scratch. That is simply amazing –especially considering that a bunch of rainwater began to soak parts of the data center. However, we kept our servers and crucial equipment in racks up off the floor and most damage occurred to the computer equipment in the middle of the room -which was all easily replaceable (albeit expensive).

It was definitely a chore to move everything I could salvage that night, so that Leah and I could sleep elsewhere (she had been at a friend’s house during the tornado –thank goodness!). It took a few days and the help of my good friend, Frank, to get all of the servers and data center equipment back up-and-running at our disaster recovery center –which wasn’t quite ready yet. We had planned for catastrophe’s but this one hit before my service, ShrinkTheWeb, even went live. So, that sucked. But, within just 2 short days working day and night, we managed to get everything back online and working. Thanks, Frank!

Aside from that, it is now Monday, and I’m just now catching up a little bit on work and projects I had been working on last week. However, since a lot of people are complaining and wondering why I haven’t gotten a lot of progress completed on their web designs or their sales presentations, I wanted to take a moment to write this entry and explain to everyone at once what happened. That way, I can simply tell people to come to this site -instead of repeating the story over and over. I feel that repeating it is making it tougher to forget and move on. The shock and gravity of the situation and the impact it has had on my life is so substantial that I really want to just look ahead and continue my original goals and pursuits.

It’s not like I wasn’t already in a major financial bind -thanks to crooked cops and huge investments in my new ventures- but now, its almost kind of funny. I mean, this is ridiculous. At least I was able to work non-stop (yes, more than usual) and get back up-and-running, but boy is this all just too much. I sure hope I really am close to making something amazing happen with my company, because I’m tired of having to write about bad things all the time. It’s time for the good stuff! 😉

By the way, if I have helped you out in the past, now is a GREAT time to help me. I don’t have time to call everyone and harass people who should be stepping up to the plate, but it’s time for anyone who should be helping, to take that initiative and do so.

I cannot show pictures of the data center, because of confidentiality issues.

So, without further ado, here are some pictures and some videos:

A view from the back of the house

The house with several trees lying on it and what now looks like a logging camp in the backyard

Another view from the back of the house

Another view from the back of the house

Another view from the back of the house where you can see the trees snapped in half

Another view from the back of the house where you can see the trees snapped in half

The tree that tried its hardest to kill me --gotta love the sign that was on it

The tree that tried its hardest to kill me –gotta love the sign that was on it

View of the front of the house

View of the front of the house. You can only really make out one tree from this angle.

A view of the living room (before roof collapsed) from the hallway that saved me and Heidi

A view of the living room (before roof collapsed) from the hallway that saved me and Heidi



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Expanding Horizons

This week has been “packed” compared to the already overwhelming past couple of months, but at least the week is nearing its end.

Although I will still be working through yet another weekend, it will be “at my leisure” for once. I will only be working briefly on two web design projects and on ShrinkTheWeb (integrating the billing to prepare to go live).

Yesterday (Thursday), I gave a speech to roughly 125 people as the “Director of Marketing and Sales” for one of my clients. Previously, I had not spoken in front of more than 15-20 people and even then I was very nervous. So, I was a bit surprised that speaking to this much larger audience was less nerve-wrecking than before.

I would say it was because I prepared, but honestly, with all that’s been going on this week, I spent all of about 8 hours in designing and writing the powerpoint presentation, practicing, and preparing. That’s not really very much preparation for the event. However, I’m happy to have pulled it off and I received numerous compliments on the helpful points I made as well as my presentation. I was pleased that no one could tell I was nervous. 🙂

For my reward, I took Leah out on a date –only fitting since I had donned one of my favorite power suits and felt very spiffy and in the mood to go out. So, we enjoyed some good food. I took a huge chance and ordered ribs -which made me quite nervous but I managed to be careful enough not to get anything on me. Hah. So, that was good. As exhausted as I was from the 13 hour long workday, it was nice and refreshing to spend a few hours with Leah.

I have to get up in a few hours to make a meeting with the head of another multi-million dollar company, so I’ll keep this update short. I’m hopeful that it won’t be too much longer before I start to see some benefit from all these multi-million dollar company meetings. 😉

It just seems that the more a company makes, the tighter they are with cash flow. Many would infer that frugality to be the reason they are where they are in the market. At any rate, I’m looking forward to this being a more relaxed Friday than is typical for me.

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Overcoming Insurmountable Barriers

It seems so far away, but I am hoping that July proves to be a calmer month than these last few. Even though it seems afar off, I know it will be here and gone before I know it. Things seem to keep getting tougher and tougher while the future keeps simultaneously looking brighter and brighter. It’s just a question of how to stay afloat until the good times come –assuming nothing stands in my way again.

I hesitate to even write in my blog (been almost 2 weeks now) simply because my life is nothing but work lately. I have managed to spend more time with Leah lately –which is very much needed downtime. However, between work and spending precious little time with her, I have zero time or energy left to write, hang out with friends, or do anything really.

I have to work 7 days a week just to stay afloat and try to make enough to pay the bills while I’m investing everything (and more) into my ventures that should pay off. The question is how long until they do and can I make it until then.

I keep finding creative ways to stay afloat and then people keep letting me down.

I have helped a lot of people over the years but no one seems to come to my aid when I desperately need it. Even my previous landlord borrowed some money from me and then only repaid a portion of it.

Then, I found out last week that my client who agreed to provide me a draw against future commissions is just BS’ing me and never intended to give me more than $500 per month. You can imagine how far that goes (or doesn’t) towards the bills.

It’s really sad.

I’m hoping that something positive will happen to help take some of this intense pressure off of me that has been bearing down for so long. I will push on as I always do and I won’t look back, but it would certainly be nice to not have to worry so much each month and put so many people -like my current landlord- in a bind.

If I wasn’t a victim of the system and unduly tagged as a criminal, I would’ve gotten a job a long time ago and used those proceeds to fund my ventures and pay the bills. I’m long out of practice in my field, but I figure my skills should still command at least a low 6-figure salary or very high 5-figures. However, none of that is an option to me, thanks to a couple of crooked cops. Ah well.

No matter. I will not let that get me down and I will continue on.

I am close to something big. I can feel it. This is how it was just before the first time I made my million (or close enough… hah). Too many people are backing what I’m doing and I have thousands of people pulling for me to succeed. So, I am hopeful that things will continue the way they did years ago when I first hit it big.

The only difference this time is that I will keep a low profile (sad that I have to) and not buy an exotic sports car, big house, or throw elaborate parties. That way, perhaps I won’t have stupid crooked cops, FBI, and GBI knocking down my door thinking I sell drugs like last time. At least now I know the truth about how the system works and I am prepared. I won’t be blindsided like I was back then.

Anyway, I feel like I’m just rambling now. So, I’ll end on a not-so-brief recap of recent events since my last post:

  1. I put my Drivetime and Progressive lawsuits on hold to focus on work to pay the bills.
  2. I finished building out my data center to reliably house the ten(10) dedicated servers for my “Shrink The Web” project.
  3. I modified ShrinkTheWeb’s forum template to be more user-friendly.
  4. I initiated and completed the ShrinkTheWeb logo contest.
  5. I ordered a new MEGA-server at Rackspace to migrate “Shrink The Web” over to. This will handle an enormous amount of growth.
  6. Mike, Frank, Caitlyn, and I managed to get six(6) out of the ten(10) servers up-and-running. One has a defective part, two have network card issues, and one I broke the primary battery connector on (oops).
  7. I managed to work a few days at a client site (some paid; but most not).
  8. I optimized my ShrinkTheWeb code to operate 600% faster and be more portable and reliable across OS platforms.
  9. I added several new ShrinkTheWeb features for users and my admin interface.
  10. I locked in a plan to resolve the last two, lingering and crucial issues with ShrinkTheWeb that will be fixed before the June 6th go live date.
  11. I performed a lot of competitive research and also pricing analysis and research to come up with a viable path-to-profitability for ShrinkTheWeb.
  12. I completed one website design and received payment and made significant progress on two others.
  13. I made two proposals for a client of mine’s clients that are very promising and should be accepted soon.
  14. I wrote quite a bit of content for pages on ShrinkTheWeb. Two examples are the thumbnail provider comparison page and the site thumbnail uses page.
  15. I updated my Imagion Web Design RFP client interface to allow an optimal mock-up presentation and approval process that will help me streamline web design projects moving forward.
  16. I kicked off the process of requesting approval to travel to Paris to provide consulting services to the European client I’ve been working on for months. They are finally ready to buy and that will help a bit -provided that the government doesn’t stand in my way.
  17. I managed to jump through a few hoops to get a free annual membership to PRNewswire -which will save some cash when we begin promoting ShrinkTheWeb.
  18. I signed up for Google checkout but it doesn’t support recurring payments. What the?? It’s freakin’ Google… and they don’t have the resources to support recurring payments? Lame.
  19. I met with William for a few hours to discuss French lessons for when my clients sign on the dotted line and give me my first check. Once finalized, I have committed to learn French by the end of the year.
  20. I ran my billing/invoicing for the month and budgeted.
  21. At the request of a LinkSmile customer, I spent quite a bit of time fixing some lingering errors with the automated online system that will now make it useful again. This was necessary but I had no time. However, this user was desperate and no other system besides LinkSmile can handle what she needed.
  22. I finally resolved an on-going Comcast issue where I lost more than 15 hours of work over the month due to Internet downtime. It took me awhile but I finally proved that the power levels coming into the house were too high. So, finally, after MONTHS, I have a stable Internet connection again.
  23. I then was able to finally get ShrinkTheWeb migrated to the new server and overcame several issues with the new server and platform.
  24. I made a quick, make-shift index page for ShrinkTheWeb that incorporates the new logo design.
  25. I went to see “Iron Man” with Leah… not bad 😉
  26. I met up with Jojo to get her laptop and some pics for a website I’m working on for her dad.
  27. I fixed her laptop -as it was incredibly slow due to a failing webcam driver.
  28. I designed and sent the April newsletter for ShrinkTheWeb.
  29. Leah helped me greatly by getting my oil changed for me. 🙂
  30. I got my merchant account back up-and-running so that I can use for ShrinkTheWeb’s recurring billing.

I think that just about covers it.

Now, I know you just scrolled past most of that and that’s OK, because it even bores me! lol. I only note in that detail to give an idea of what I’ve been up to for the past couple of weeks and to make the point that Progressive and Drivetime say I have NO EXCUSE for not moving forward with settling with them.

They claim that I cannot possibly be as busy as I say I am.

Well, in general, millionaires are not made overnight.

So, yeah… disbelief. I get that a lot. 😉

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Up All Night

It’s 6am and I’ve been working since noon yesterday. 😉

At least I’ve completed budgeting for April, finished up a website that’ll help catch me up on my bills this week, sent out the ShrinkTheWeb newsletter, and released the ShrinkTheWeb feature for capturing specific page thumbnails. This is HUGE in the webmaster world and it makes life a lot easier for webmasters and web designers.

Here’s an example of a screenshot of a specific page on ShrinkTheWeb:

example of specific page thumbnail

And here’s the same page but full-length:

example of specific page thumbnail

These images may not mean a lot to many of you, but for web designers, this is a God-send –especially with everything on the Internet going more visual and web 2.0.

Being able to simply put one line of code into a web page and have my ShrinkTheWeb service automatically pull that site up in a browser, capture it, edit it, crop it, and return it is almost a feat of magic. It still amazes ME that it works …and I wrote it!

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I Have No Auto Insurance

If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Because of my pending lawsuit against Progressive for not paying out on my uninsured motorist claim from last year, I got insurance from another provider.

I was told that as long as my MVR (driving record) didn’t have anything on it other than what I told them, I was approved and could pay my first two months. There wouldn’t be a problem. So, after I put down the money and got confirmation from them, I canceled my insurance with Progressive.

That’s all fine and dandy until a few days ago when I got a letter in the mail saying I was denied coverage because I failed to tell them about my “at-fault accident” in 2007. WHAT?!?! I was definitely NOT at fault and I can easily prove it.

However, I cannot get insurance, do not have insurance currently, and Progressive won’t call me back. Now, I’ve left messages with lawyers and am trying to get a copy of my MVR so that I can dispute it. This is exactly the kind of thing that keeps me from being able to focus on what’s important right now -my work. Ugh!


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Finally Catching Up… Again

I’ve completed another customer web design, attended a business expo and made numerous contacts for a client, updated lots of features and code for ShrinkTheWeb (STW), launched the STW Logo Design Contest, budgeted the STW expansion and “Go Live” path, and calculated STW’s path-to-profitability through 2008.

So now, I’m just juggling a few web design projects and trying to outsource some of them while at the same time managing the growth of ShrinkTheWeb and finishing up the PRO feature for a (hopefully) June 1st launch date.

This week, I’ll be busy with lawyers, following up on contacts for one of my clients, and finalizing ShrinkTheWeb (i.e. new server setup, new distributed coding, and billing integration for PRO users).

I’m excited that Rackspace (the best -but most expensive- dedicated server provider) has worked out a very good deal with me because of ShrinkTheWeb’s potential. In fact, they now use STW’s thumbnails in their proposals and quotes to new customers! How’s that for validation of usefulness?! hah. The best part is that they were willing to work with me enough that we are getting a super-powerhouse server within my budget (barely).

That means that the servers will handle any number of customers we could possibly get between now and 2009. That’s quite a LOT! Hopefully I’m wrong and we get more than we can handle, but this server can handle so many that it’s not likely we’ll need to upgrade anytime soon. 😉