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Detroit Wins? UAW Wins? Who Loses?

Well, it looks like today wasn’t the windfall in the economy that it could have been.

For now, that’s been postponed by comments that the Treasury will do what the Senate was smart enough not to do …loan unsound businesses lots of taxpayer money.

Only Ford’s CEO, Alan Mulally, had the foresight to leverage company assets just before the credit crunch and even that might not be enough.

It’s not over until it’s over, so there’s no telling if the Treasury will cough up the money without Congress approval. If they do, it’s just solidifying the union’s bluff as successful. Way to go, chaps. That could really cost us.

At any rate, I guess you have to put it all into perspective, because the Treasury already loaned companies like AIG hundreds of billions without so much as a business plan or even considering the viability of a company that would certainly be in bankruptcy today due to numerous bad decisions in the past. If we are judged on our past actions, it seems silly to loan money to those who prove themselves unworthy.

The rich get richer.

Who runs this country again? The people? The president?

Oh wait, maybe it’s the Treasury.

Hmm… nevermind, it makes my head hurt to even think about it.

Who cares anyway? We have to look ahead to more important things …like how to pay for “Gears of War 2” on the xBox 360 or “Call of Duty” for the Wii. 😉


By Charlotte on April 22, 2009

Interesting to know.

By Saif on July 11, 2009


I like your article about the economy and the sort of tongue-in-cheek remark about having to pay for video games.

Anyway, I found this because I was looking for a picture of polar bear cubs and found one among your pages. So I thought to look at the root page because your domain name is cool.


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