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Re-shuffling The Deck

Well, the time may be nigh. It seems that once or twice in a lifetime, a re-shuffling of the deck occurs.

That is, a time when the rich get richer but many rich also get weeded out. Giants topple and opportunities for the smart arise. These are times when someone who had all obstacles and little opportunity can come out on top.

I had a feeling that the auto bailout “first try” would fail. I wasn’t 100% certain, because I couldn’t believe that the UAW (union of auto workers) would allow a meltdown to occur. But, it would seem that they bluffed the Senate to keep their high wages and benefits and, as a result, may have caused more than 250,000 people (just to start) to lose their jobs.

Only time will tell, and there is still some hope that Obama can turn things around and may be willing to concede to the UAW and provide the loans in January/Februaray anyway. I’m not so sure that’s a good idea. It’s almost like dealing with terrorists. Once you give in, that’s it.

Look at the pirates in Somalia. They’ve raised so many mega-millions by hijacking ships that it just makes my head spin. The ransoms fund more pirating and there you have it. It makes me want to sell everything, buy a speedboat, and get a piece of that action. Well, ok, back to reality. Sometimes, you’ve just got to let people learn the hard way. Even if that choice hurts a lot of people.

America will recover. There is no doubt of that, but stubborness will only delay that recovery process.

Unfortunately, crooked cops and my decision on how to deal with them (to maintain my honor and integrity) have cost me dearly. So, my situation is fairly dire as well. However, I have hope that these times will prove fruitful in providing me ample opportunity to rise above the carnage and forge a new path ahead.

So, to those who are up for the challenge, I say, “Let’s Carry On!”

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