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Game of Thrones

So, I finally took some time to watch the first season of the HBO series, Game of Thrones, and thank goodness that I was able to watch them all back-to-back in a few days. I don’t know how I could have waited for each episode to come out! I suppose I will have that problem next year, though. Man, what a great show (not just because of all the boobies either!).

Anyway, I was really saddened by the series ending (not because it wasn’t good but rather because it was sad to watch the ruthlessness unfold) and it really got me thinking about things in today’s world.

In light of my unique experiences with crooked cops and unscrupulous district attorneys (D.A.s), I realized that things “behind-the-curtain” are not so different than they were back in medieval times when those with any power would almost certainly abuse that power. I suppose that really is the nature of Man, sadly.

For people like me, who do not simply accept the brainwashing of society and do not blindly give respect to those unworthy of it, there is a hard path ahead in life. If you are not at the top, then you are expected to be “sheeple” and do as you as told. I’m not talking about breaking the laws, though, because most laws are generally good and necessary. What I mean is when you try to “come up” by breaking the unspoken rules. In other words, you start to break out of your “caste” and jump levels beyond where you began.

When that happens, those who you jumped will become jealous and do whatever necessary to protect their given status (usually not earned). This is enforced in subtle ways but try bucking the system like I did and you will soon discover the truth. It’s not a pretty truth either. We all have a part to play and if you are like me, then you have to learn to act. It is the only thing that can help you avoid drawing attention by those who want to ensure you do not rise to power or acquire wealth, unless they deem it acceptable.

It really points out that while society has come a long way towards being “civilized”, so many people have not.

Those who are just and fair and honorable almost always lose, in the end.

There was a great line in that series that still applies today: “When you play the game of thrones you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”

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